• JPoteat

A small fish in a big pond

Regardless of the population size of your school, if you’re a student athlete, you probably had no problem fitting in because you were a big fish in a small pond. In high school, everyone knew your name and your accolades were endless.

Then, “the big man” on campus moves to an even bigger campus and he’s back to the bottom of the ladder. This cycle continues through every stage of life, regardless of career. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to the professional level, you’ll start at the back of the pack but you’ll have plenty of chances to improve and move your way up.

At the professional level, it’s easy to get lost in the hype and stay true to yourself and the game. When you started this journey, your intentions were probably clear; you loved the game and wanted to play for as long as you could. Going pro was a must! Most importantly, you never questioned yourself, your talent, or your skills as you pursued your dream.

The closer you reach the top, the more you’re susceptible to letting fear and doubt set in. The more you improve, the more aware you become of your true competition. You may start to feel like a small fish in a much larger pond.

A small fish can feel worthless and mediocre because their identity and self-respect is based on their success; they work solely to gain the approval of others.

What small fish don’t understand is that along with being a small fish comes the freedom to accept yourself where you are. You no longer fold to the pressure of the world to make your name known; instead, you live your life with full intention.